Sunday, April 12, 2009

Look What I Got!!


There was an ad on craigslist last week for an upright freezer for sale. 60 dollars. I contacted the seller, but someone else was already interested. I told him to keep me in mind in case it fell through. Got an e-mail a couple days later. If I could pick it up that day it was mine. Unfortunately, I was already at work and couldn't. Told him again to keep me in mind.
Two days later, another e-mail. Score! I could pick it up Thursday at 6pm. So I dragged the husband along (thanks babe! And sorry about your thumb!) with me since it was evening. I'm a girl and I was picking it up from a strange man at a lake camp. Safety and all ;)

Well, I'm assuming that because of the ridiculously low price that it's a small upright freezer.

We get there, and the guy hauls out this huge full size freezer! It's a GE and 21 cubic feet! It's a little older, a couple dents, but in great condition and runs fantastic! Thankfully, I had brought the husband cause there was no way at all I could have gotten that sucker in the van! I'm thinking that's why the other deals fell through, my baby was no picnic to move!

Now we just need to start stocking it!

I'm pretty much in heaven :D

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