Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Scenes

We had a beautiful weekend. And a busy one!

Some weekend scenes:

We did some more hiking. Again at Clarks (the "rock place")

This time we also explored the caves. Just a little bit though, cause mama is a tiny bit of a wuss.

We also did Beaver Lake another day, which is not so much a hike and more of a nice stroll. We did the 3 mile lake loop.

A little campfire in the backyard.

Kev's band Boots N Shorts played at Kellish Farms. I wasn't feeling great and the kids were getting picked up by grandpa, so we didn't make it, but here's a photo anyway :)

We also celebrated a friends 30th birthday. Most of the guys are hitting the big 30 this year, Kevin is next on the list in just 2 weeks!

Somehow the weekend managed to be both busy and lazy. It was wonderful. I hit up the market on Saturday morning and a rummage sale and estate sale. Nothing really wonderful at either place, but I did find a 3rd Holly Hobbie plate for my little collection.

There are a couple more rummage sales next weekend that I want to go to, but won't - since I need to have my own garage sale! Our house is getting full, but my tastes are refining (can you call thrift store finds a refined taste?!) So it's out with the old and in with the new - uh - old?! Speaking of thrifting, I'm planning on sharing some of my favorite finds later this week.

We did a bit of grilling - one of my favorite summer standbys - grilled veggie quesadillas and a new favorite - bison burgers. yuuuum. We topped them with some cheddar slices, caramelized onions on mine - bacon on his - and a horseradish bbq sauce. They were simply delicious. Both nights we did grilled asparagus and roasted onion potatoes. Yes, I like asparagus and potatoes that much!

For the past couple of weekends, I've been hoping to squeeze in some sewing time, and so far haven't. The weather has just been too nice. I need to finish getting my craft/sewing table cleared off so I can steal a couple minutes here and there.

So, that's it. I'm still working Sundays for the next month, so my weekend is already over. The kids spring break also ends this week, which means back to normal tomorrow.

Oh - and, I'm having a ridiculous time trying to get pictures on here, even through the uploader, I still have to go in and resize them all, otherwise half the picture is missing. There has to be an easier way, yes?


Valkyrie said...

It looks like a wonderful weekend. I love the pics. It's so pretty where you live! I love hiking too.

I hate the end of weekends too. Boo!

Sara said...

Looks like a great weekend. My favorite is the campfire. They will have lots of great memories from doing stuff like this. You guys are doing good. :)