Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunshiney Weekend

This weekend flew by. And I did a whole lot of nothing.

No pictures.

No hiking.

I spent the weekend having a garage sale. It so wasn't worth it. A lot of sitting around for only 100 dollars. I mean, I got some stuff cleaned out of my house. But it was soooo gorgeous this weekend. I should have spent the days hiking, playing, planting.

It's gorgeous today too, but I'm at work 12 hours.

At least I had an excuse to do nothing but sit in the sunshine all weekend though, right?

It's been a month, no - over a month, since we planted our seeds and just this weekend we finally got a couple little itty bitty sprouts. I might replant some and see what happens. It's another 3 weeks here before I would feel good about putting anything in the ground, so I have some time before I go and buy seedlings. Though after this weekend, I want nothing more than to dig in the dirt.

We did make it to the market yesterday morning. Kev even came with me. We didn't get much. Some buffalo ribs, eggs, potatoes and asparagus. But then we hit the homebrew supply store and Kev got stuff to try beer again - and I got a few things to start our next batch of wine. We'll be moving what's in the carboy now over to another glass carboy on Thursday. So this week we can start a new batch. We're not doing a from-scratch recipe this time. We're doing a concentrate wine, only because it's quick - 6 weeks from start to bottling. We're out of the last of our bottled wine. So this will give us a fast 30 bottles, plus the 30 of strawberry wine that we can bottle at the end of June.

I'm in need of a vacation. I still have some time to use up before July, and I think I might take a few days soon. Sometimes I just need a little extra time to recenter myself, you know? Right now I'm just feeling a little out of sorts, and an extra day or two off would be soooo good.

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Valkyrie said...

How funny...I spent this weekend wanting nothing more than to dig in the dirt. What I really want to do is some container gardening--herbs, lettuce, maybe some cherry tomatoes. I think cherry tomatoes would do great on my deck because it's full sun out there. I love gardens. I wish I had one. Daniel doesn't share my love. :-(