Monday, January 30, 2012

oh, hai.

it's been a little longer than I intended. The sickies have made their way around our home this past week. That's always a ton of fun.

So I've been doing a little more pinning than blogging, since it's quick and mindless and yet somehow makes me feel super creative even though I've only sat at my computer with a baby attached to me.

I used to be a die hard tumblr fan, but pinterest has finally won.

Andrew has learned a bunch of new tricks this week. Clapping. Real crawling, instead of scooting. Standing. And moving a few steps along a table while he stands. What?! That seems like an awful lot for one week. Slow down baby!

It's almost time for seed ordering. I find this hard to do right now, because the weather is simply too nice. I like to curl up with some seed catalogs, a glass of wine or a mug of tea, snow piled 5 feet high outside the window, and dream of spring. It's simply not as inspiring when it already feels like Spring out!


♥Cari♥ said...

I can't believe how big he is! And yes - it feels like spring here too. 2 weeks ago it was 38 below. Now? 40 above. lol CRAZY.

Valkyrie said...

He's so cute! I'm not very active with Pinterest. I don't really get it. :-S