Wednesday, January 11, 2012

one good thing 1/11

well, it didn't take me long to fall off that wagon!

I have good things, complete with pictures, for each day I missed. But I feel playing catch up defeats the purpose. A day or so behind - fine. More than that and it's time to move along. My goal was to use this as a way to reflect a little each day on the good in that day, not rack my brain matching up pictures and days, you know?

So, today.

in a new year effort to be more mindful of how I am living my life and to be more joyful with my life, I've decided to post one good thing a day. Oterine good thing, everyday.

If you feel inspired to do the same (and I hope that you do!) please feel free to leave your good thing, or a link, in the comments below.

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Sara said...

Look at him! He looks fat and sassy! Good job, momma!