Thursday, January 12, 2012

One good thing 1/12

in a new year effort to be more mindful of how I am living my life and to be more joyful with my life, I've decided to post one good thing a day. One good thing, everyday.

If you feel inspired to do the same (and I hope that you do!) please feel free to leave your good thing, or a link, in the comments below.

:ahem: just realized that for several days, with a copy and paste, I've been posting Oterine good thing. Apparently a career in proofreading is not in my future, eh?

While washing dishes after dinner and thinking about the day; some good things and some not so good things, I realized that perhaps the best thing today was not something for me. My sister has had a little bit of turmoil in her life as of late, and she got some news today that helps just a little. There's still some things to be worked through, and this was only one piece of a much larger puzzle, but I think that I felt just as much relief as she did.

Things haven't been so easy for her lately, and I hope they are looking up. She deserves something good.


Sara said...

Sisters are awesome. I'm glad there was a positive for her.

Valkyrie said...